These Rules of Procedure (hereinafter called " Rules") apply to the SIAM Section called "The East Asian Section of SIAM (EASIAM)".

The Section to which these Rules apply is formed under the aegis of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and shall operate within the Bylaws of the parent organization. The Section shall not affiliate with any other organization without first obtaining the written approval of SIAM. No provision of these rules shall be construed so as to contradict the Bylaws of SIAM.


To promote

  • the application of mathematics to science, engineering and technology in East and South East Asia,
  • basic research and education in mathematics that supports application in science and technology in the region,
  • multidisciplinary research in science and engineering involving mathematics,
  • cooperation among applied mathematicians in the region through meetings and conferences.


  • To organize meetings which allow international exposure and involvement for postgraduate students of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • To organize advanced seminars in applied mathematics and scientific computing.
  • To provide opportunity for interaction between mathematicians and users of mathematics.


East Asia and South East Asia, including but not limited to the following countries and regions: Brunei, Cambodia, China, Far East Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.


  • Section 1. Any person engaged or interested in mathematics and its applications shall be eligible to apply for membership in EASIAM and to participate in its activities. All members of SIAM who reside in East and South East Asia shall automatically be members of the Section.
  • Section 2. There is only one grade of membership.


  • Section 1. The officers of the Section shall be a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer will usually be combined into a single office. Vice-Presidents are to be assigned different responsibilities. Officers shall be regular members in good standing with SIAM.
  • Section 2. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Section and the Section Executive Committee (see Article VI below). In the absence of the President, one of the Vice-Presidents shall assume the duties of the President. In the absence of the latter, the Secretary shall assume the said duties.
  • Section 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of the affairs of the Section, handle correspondence, and submit an annual report of Section activities to the Secretary of SIAM, which report shall be suitable for publication in the SIAM NEWS or its equivalent.
  • Section 4. The Treasurer shall receive and take custody of Section funds, and shall submit an annual Treasurer's Report and other financial reports, as requested, to the Section.
  • Section 5. All officers will be elected for a 2-year term, with term starting on January 1 of the odd year, and may be re-elected.

Executive committee

  • Section 1. The Section will be managed by Executive Committee whose mission is to promote and carry out the activities of the Section.
  • (1) The Executive Committee consists of the incumbent officers, the most recent retired president and the President-elect (if any). Five or more members of the Section, and at most two representatives from each region, may be included by the Section officers into the Executive Committee in order to have a broad representation of different areas of applied mathematics and a good geographical spread.
    (2) The President shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee.

  • Section 2. The term of Executive Committee member shall be two years. No Executive Committee member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. The Chair will be empowered to exercise the option of appointing a member to fill a vacancy for the unexpired term.

Other committees

  • Section 1. The Section shall have the Advisory Committee whose mission is to act as a consultant of Executive Committee.
  • (1) The selection of Advisory Committee should be proposed by the incumbent officers and be approved by the majority of Executive Committee members.
    (2) The term duration of Advisory Committee member should be up to four years.


  • Section 1. There shall be at least one technical meeting per year.


  • Section 1. Section election shall be by ballot.
  • Section 2. Nominations for officers should be made to the Secretary at least three months before the meeting in every even year. A seconder is required for each nomination. The Executive Committee will establish a slate of candidates, and the Secretary shall arrange a ballot of the Section membership. Ballots must be submitted to the Section membership at least 60 days and not more than 120 days, in advance of the date when the terms of office expire.

Annual business meeting

  • Section 1. The Executive Committee shall conduct a business meeting once per year.
  • Other business may be conducted through the Internet.

Section fund

  • Section 1. The Section can accept donations.
  • Section 2. The Section shall deposit all unused funds to which it has legal title in excess of $200 in an insured saving account, unless current operating commitments are in excess of that amount or unless the Section Treasurer obtains a written authorization from the SIAM Treasurer.
  • Section 3. The Treasurer shall maintain books of account that show income and expense items for all activities and balances for all accounts of the Section.
  • Section 4. Requests for funds in support of Section activities shall be made in writing to the Treasurer of SIAM who will forward it to the SIAM Committee on Section/Chapter Funds. Only one such request for loan or grant may be made during any fiscal year. Other requests for funds shall be substantiated by a proposed budget for expenditures and a current financial statement of accumulated revenue and expenditure.
  • Section 5. No officer or member of the Section may apply for a grant to support Section activities or enter into ant contract to support such activities or provide services, or have authority to contract debts for, pledge the credit of, or in any way bind SIAM, except to the extent that Section funds exist.


  • Section 1. These Rules may be altered or amended with the approval of the Board of Trustees of SIAM. Submission to the Board of proposed alterations or amendments shall be made only after approval by majority vote of members of the Section present (or represented by proxy) at a schedules meeting.

Termination of the section

  • Section 1. The Section may be terminated by the unanimous vote of the members of the Section present (or represented by proxy) at a scheduled meeting, provided that notice of the proposed termination and the meeting at which it is to be considered has been given to all Section members at least 30 days in advance and to the Board at least 90 days in advance.
  • Section 2. The Section may be terminated by the Board if there has been no Section activity for two years.
  • Section 3. In the event the Section terminates, the funds to which it has legal title shall revert to the account of SIAM.