Back in January 1998, when SIAM ex-president Professor Gilbert Strang was visiting the National University of Singapore, he discussed with Professors Louis Chen, Seng-luan Lee, and Shui-nee Chow there the possibility of setting up an East Asia SIAM section. The section, East Asia SIAM (EASIAM) Section, was officially established in December 1998, with Professor Seng-luan Lee being the chairman. Professor Zhong-ci Shi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences took up the chairmanship in 2001.


To promote

  • the application of mathematics to science, engineering and technology in East and South East Asia;
  • basic research and education in mathematics that supports application in science and technology in the region;
  • multidisciplinary research in science and engineering involving mathematics.


  • To organise meetings which allow international exposure and involvement for postgraduate students of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • To organise advanced seminars in applied mathematics and scientific computing.
  • To provide opportunity for interaction between mathematicians and users of mathematics.


  • East and South East Asia.