EASIAM Conference 2019

The 14th EASIAM Conference was held during June 13-16, 2019 at Wuhan University, Wuhan.

Keynote Speakers

Pingwen Zhang (Peking University, China)


Invited Speakers

Didit Adytia (Telkom University, Indonesia)

Tsung-Ming Huang (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)

Yangjin Kim (Konkuk University, Republic of Korea)

Hiroshi Kokubu (Kyoto University, Japan)

Zhonghua Qiao (HK Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

Haijun Wu (Nanjing University, China)


EASIAM Conference 2018

The 13th EASIAM Conference was held during June 22-25, 2018 at The University of Tokyo.

Keynote Speakers

Martin Golubitsky (Ohio State University)


Invited Speakers

Pengwen Chen (National Chung Hsing University)

Yasuaki Hiraoka (Kyoto University / RIKEN)

Tiejun Li (Peking University)

Weiwei Sun (City University of Hong Kong)

Kim Chuan Toh (National University of Singapore)

Yimin Wei (Fudan University)


EASIAM Conference 2017

The 12th EASIAM Conference was held during June 22-25, 2017 by the Seoul National University.


EASIAM Conference 2016

The 11th East Asia SIAM Conference was held in University of Macau, Macao SAR, China on 20-22 June 2016. This conference gathers researchers in industrial and applied mathematics with respect to science, engineering and technology. The scope of this conference covers all aspects of applied mathematics to science, industry, engineering and technology in the East and South East Asia.


EASIAM Conference 2014

The 10th EASIAM Conference was held during June 23-25, 2014 at the Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand. The conference was organized by the Mahidol University in Thailand. This conference was the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions.


EASIAM Conference 2013

The 9th EASIAM Conference was held during 18-20 June, 2013 at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This was be the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions.


EASIAM Conference 2012

The 8th EASIAM Conference was held during 25-27 June, 2012 at National Taiwan University, Taipei. This was the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions.

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EASIAM Conference 2011

The 7th EASIAM Conference was held during 27-29 June 2011 at Waseda University at Kitakyushu Campus, Japan. This was the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions.


EASIAM Conference 2010

The 6th EASIAM Conference was held during 22-24 June 2010 at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions. The EASIAM conference 2010 was co-organized with the the Applied Mathematics International Conference(AMIC2010).


EASIAM Conference 2009

The 5th EASIAM Conference was held during 8-11 June 2009 at the University Brunei Darussalam. This was the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions. The 2nd MMC and the 5th EASIAM Conference


EASIAM Conference 2008

The 4th EASIAM Conference was held from 10-12 October 2008 in National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Daejon, Korea. This was the academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions.


EASIAM Conference 2007

The 3rd EASIAM Conference was held from 2-5 November 2007 in Xiamen, China. This was the first formal academic conference of this organization focusing on research exchanges among scientists in the East Asia regions.


EASIAM Symposium 2006

The next EASIAM Symposium was held in Japan in August in conjunction with The First China-Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Numerical Mathematics.


EASIAM Symposium 2005

We plan to organize the First EASIAM Symposium in Hong Kong in December 2005. It was a one-day symposium embedded into the Second International Conference on Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations (SCPDE05). The Conference was held in Hong Kong from December 12-16, 2005 at Hong Kong Baptist University. SIAM has funded our two plenary speakers for the Symposium: Prof. Gilbert Strang of MIT and Prof. Barbara Keyfitz of Fields Institute.


Past SIAM Keynote Speakers


Hans G. Kaper (Georgetown University, USA)

"Mathematics of Planet Earth"

Gunther Uhlamnn (University of Washington, USA)

"Harry Potter's Cloak via Transformation Optics"


Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough University, UK)

"Nonlinear Waves in the Ocean"


Max Gunzburger (Florida State University, USA)


Linda R. Petzold (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Thomas Y. Hou (California Institute of Technology)


Andrea Bertozzi (University of California, Los Angeles)

"Mathematics of Crime"

Mitchell Luskin (University of Minnesota)

"Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Methods"


Susanne C. Brenner (Lousiana State University)

"C0 Interior Penalty Methods for Fourth Order Problems"

Tim Kelley (North Carolina State University)

"Rank-Deficient and Ill-Conditioned Nonlinear Least Squares Problems"


Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Arizona State University)

"Travel, mass transportation and emergent diseases: SARS, bioterrorism and influenza"

Iain S Duff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory )

"Solving very large sparse linear equations from three-dimensional modelling"


Douglas Arnold (University of Minnesota)

Olof Widlund (Courant Institute)

"Domain Decomposition Theory for Less Regular Subdomains"


Gene Golub (Stanford University)

"Inner/Outer Iterations For Solving Linear Systems Of Equations"

Andy Wathen (Oxford University)

"Preconditioning And The Iterative Solution Of PDE Problems"

Past Invited Speakers


Jun Hu (Peking University, China)

"Mixed Finite Element Methods for Elasticity Problems"

Ping Lin (University of Dundee, UK)

"An Energy-law Preserving Finite Element Method for a Thermodynamically Consistent Phase-field Model"

Wen-Wei Lin (Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)

"A Robust Numerical Alogrithm for Computing Maxwell's Transmission Eigenvalue Problems"

Chidchanok Lursinsap (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

"A Concern of Neural Learning for Big Data in Terms of Time and Space Complexities"

Takashi Sakajo (Kyoto University, Japan)

"Dissipative Vortex Collapse and Time's Arrow"

Haiwei Sun (University of Macau, Macau)

"Exponential Quadrature Rule for Fractional Diffusion Equations"


Sze-Bi Hsu (National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan)

"On the Dynamics of a Reaction-diffusion System Modeling Two Species Competition in an Unstirred Chemostat with Internal Storage"

Hisashi Okamoto (Kyoto University, Japan)

"Unimodal Patterns Appearing in the 2D Navier-Stokes Equations at Large Reynolds Numbers"

Benchawan Wiwattanapataphee (Mahidol University,Thailand)

"Pressure Gradient-driven and Electrokinetic-driven Flow of Fluid in Microtube"

Zhijian Yang (Wuhan University, P.R.China)

"Interface Condition for the Wave Propagation on Non-uniform Meshes"


Suh-Yuh Yang (National Central University, Taiwan)

"On stabilized Finite element methods for the generalized Stokes equations"

Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University, Japan)

"Krylov subspace theories and ultra-large-scale electronic state calculations on the K computer"

Jin Cheng (Fudan University, China)

"Tikhonov Regularization of Inverse Problems for PDE"

Kil Hyun Kwon (KAIST, Korea)

"Beyond Shannon: Consistent Sampling"

Yuan Xiaoming (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)

"Some Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Methods and Applications to Imaging"


Ji Hui (National University of Singapore)

"Sparsity-based regularizations for image restoration"

Roslinda Nazar (National University of Malaysia)

"Numerical investigation of mixed convection flow over a horizontal circular cylinder and a solid sphere in nanofluids"

Yasumasa Nishiura (Hokkaido University)

"Spatially localized traveling structures and the asymptotic behavior in binary fluid convection"

Eun-Jae Park (Yonsei University)

"Adaptive mixed FEM and new Discontinuous Galerkin methods"

Tony Wen-Hann Sheu (National Taiwan University)

"On a symplectic scheme that optimizes the dispersion-relation equation of the Maxwell?�s equations"


Ishak Hashim (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

"Conjugate Convection in a Porous Enclosure"

Ken Hayami (National Institute of Infromatics)

"Inner-Iteration Preconditioners for Least Squares Problems"

Yuusuke Iso (Kyoto University)

"To Overcome Ill-conditioned Problems - Effective Use of Multiple-Precision Arithmetic"

Ming-Chih Lai (National Chiao Tung University)

"Simulating the Dynamics of Inextensible Vesicles by the Penalty Immersed Boundary Method"

Noor Hasnah Moin (University of Malaya)

"Metaheuristics Approach for the Multi Period Multi Product Inventory Routing Problem with Time Varied Demand"

Dongwoo Sheen (Seoul National University)

"The Laplace Transformation Method for Option Pricing"

Huazhong Tang (Peking University)

"Local Oscillations in Finite Difference Solutions of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws"

Nguyen Dong Yen (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics)

"Stability of Linear-Quadratic Minimization over Euclidean Balls"


Alberto Apostolico (Georgia Institute of Technology)

"Monotony and surprise pattern discovery under saturation constraints"

Weizhu Bao (National University of Singapore)

"Mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of Bose-Einstein condensation"

Raymond Honfu Chan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

"Unified tight frame approach for missing data recovery in images"

Leslie S Jennings (University of Western Australia)

"Optimal control computation - some questions"

Youngmok Jeon (Ajou University)

"New locally conservative finite element methods for elliptic equations"

Rovert Mckibbin (Massey University)

"Mathematical modelling of heat and mass transport processes in geothermal systems"

Sannay Mohamad (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

"Digital simulations of second-order neural networks with nonlinear stabilisers and unbounded transmission delays"

Yusaku Yamamoto (Nagoya University)

"Option pricing based on the fast Gauss transform"


Sangdong Kim (Kyungpook National University)

"Lower-order preconditioning for spectral element discretization to elliptic problems"

Chang-Ock Lee (KAIST)

"Conductivity Imaging based on Harmonic Algorithms for Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography"

Ruo Li (Peking University)

"An Anisotropic Refinement Algorithm Based on Harmonic Mapping"

Ya Yan Lu (City University of Hong Kong)

"Computing Dirichlet-to-Neumann Maps for Numerical Simulation of Photonic Crystal Structures"

Mitsuhiro T. Nakao (Kyushu University)

"On the Constructive Error Estimates in the Finite Element Methods with Applications to the Numerical Verification of Solutions for Nonlinear PDEs"

Xue-Cheng Tai (University of Bergen)

"Graph Cuts for the Multiphase Mumford-Shah model Using Piecewise Constant Level Set"

Shao-Liang Zhang (Nagoya University)

"Numerical Algorithms for Solving Shifted Complex Symmetric Linear Systems"


Xiao-qing Jin (University of Macau)

"Multilevel Optimal Preconditioners And Bottcher's Conjecture"

Do Young Kwak (KAIST)

"Mixed Finite Element Methods For General Quadrilateral Grids"

Yoshimasa Nakamura (Kyoto University)

"On The mdLVs Algorithm For Computing Matrix Singular Values"

Shinichi Oishi (Waseda University)

"Accurate Summation Of Floating Point Numbers And Applications"

Dongwoo Sheen (Seoul National University)

"Numerical Laplace Inversion With Applications To Evolution Problems"

Zuowei Shen (National University of Singapore)

"A Unified Tight Frame Approach For Missing Data Recovery In Images"

Wei-wei Sun (City University of Hong Kong)

"Numerical Approximations To Hadamard Finite-Part Integral Operators"

Masahisa Tabata (Kyushu University)

"Numerical Simulations Of Multi-Fluid Flow Problems By An Energy-Stable Finite Element Scheme"

Chuanju Xu (Xiamen University)

"Some New Developments In Spectral Element Methods For Incompressible Flows"

Pingwen Zhang (Peking University)

"Moment Closure Approximation Of Kinetic Theories For Complex Fluids"