VISA/Invitation letter

VISA for visiting Japan

In order to check whether you need a VISA or not, please carefully consult the following page provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Participants from mainland China and Philippine need a VISA; please proceed to the next section. Participants from other areas (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) can be exempted, but please be warned that the exemption can be only under some requirements, for example, the use of IC based passports. Carefully consult the conditions declared in the above home page.

If it turns out you need a VISA, please carefully read the instructions at

and follow the steps below to make a request for necessary documents.

If you need to apply for a VISA

Send the following information to our VISA handling team (easiam2018-visa(at_mark) to request necessary documents.

  • Your name, sex (male/female), birth date (year/month/day), occupation, country (of your valid passport),
  • your travel schedule (day by day) including the hotel you are planning to stay,
  • your complete mail address and phone number (which is necessary when there is a trouble),
  • which embassy/consulate in your country you are applying to (for example, for China, see 关于使馆).

NOTE: If some people from a same group apply for VISA at a same time, they can share one set of the documents, provided that they share the same trip plan. This greatly reduces the efforts of both applicants and us. Please contact our VISA handling team for this possibility.

If you need an invitation letter

Send the following information to the local committee (easiam2018(at_mark) to request one.

  • Your name, sex (male/female), birth date (year/month/day), occupation, affiliation, country (of your valid passport),
  • the aim of the participation (presenting a talk or just attend),
  • whether you prefer signed printed copy mailed or just the scanned PDF is fine,
  • and other special requests, if any.